Myzery 20th Anniversary

What up Fam.

Welcome to the Official Myzery website.

If you're reading this, then the chances are you've been rollin with us all along. In the current landscape of hip hop, you'd be hard pressed to find any lasting rap journeyman, but Myzery's been on his hiphop trek for over 20+ years now! It's both an honor and a privilege to think that this crazy underground brand of Bronx bred/Spanish Syde has been holdin it down for over 2 decades now.

In 1996 Nene was steadily honing his craft as a local battle rapper, making some noise through the boroughs, and always found backed by his Boricua rap troupe. Through the combination of perseverance and raw mic dominance, your boy got himself noticed, and was straight plucked outta the hood to tour hard all over the globe...and alongside some of the industries most notorious acts. Since his whirlwind introduction onto the scene, Myzery (and also as Twin Gatz) has dropped about a dozen releases, rocked shows throughout the States, headlined music Fests, closed out shows that featured hip hop legends like Biz Markie and Raekwon, and recorded tracks with greats from groups like Flipmode Squad, Souls of Mischief, D12, Living Legends, as well as heavy hittaz like Freddie Foxx, Dame Grease, Slaine, Edo G, and Madchild.

It should also be mentioned that during all of this, he managed to start a new movement with his very own label, Poor Manz Entertainment, an outlet to showcase his hardcore New York fellowship: The Spanish Syde. While observers have often been quick to judge Myz's input into the Underground scene as being on some Psychopathic henchmen type niche, one must truly take a closer look at his contributions. And yes, his allegiance to the label he once called home is undeniable even to this day. That's because it's all about Fam, and that's exactly what his former label mates are to him.

While a lot of attention has also been drawn to Myzery & his Spanish Syde protégé Fuego Flamez over the release of several potent diss tracks, that was not to be confused as an "attention-grab" scheme. They were strictly produced as harsh warning, or better yet, a glimpse of the credo reserved when defending ones family & friends. And for those that never fully understood the powder-keg situation between the parties involved, just know this, when the disrespect was dealt...ONE Camp has always had the gumption to restore honor to the family and back their boys.

Okay, now that the history lesson is over, you are cordially invited to explore the site. Here you will find a wide range of resources like historical info as well as the latest Poor Manz Entertainment happenings. This includes: music videos, touring & booking info, new music and roster updates, photo galleries, and a one-stop shop for Myzery & Co.'s entire clothing and music catalog needs. We hope you enjoy the site, and we thank you for you undying support through this storied musical odyssey. So stay tuned as we keep crafting the site...

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