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Artist Tre Flowz


Growing up in Myzery’s notorious shadow has been somewhat of a bitter sweet existence for young Tre. You see, Tre Flowz is actually Myzery’s little brother…and damn proud of it. While the brotherly bond is bulletproof, basking in his reflected glory has created an intense pressure to prove himself. While it would have been far easier to simply market himself as Myzery’s brother and reap the benefits of free- production, studio time, promotion, and bookings…Tre opted to create his own buzz. It’s called “paying dues”, and he’s no stranger to the motto. While steady dropping mixtapes, videos, and spot shows here and there, he slipped up, got caught up…and landed himself a sentence. While earning time to, well, reflect on the “error of his ways”, he was approached by the crew about getting his life right. This includes convincing him to link up with the Team upon his return from the Big-House, so that ALL parties can benefit from his talents. Stay tuned for more news on Tre Flowz in the near future.

Artist Napalm


Napalm is an OG Spanish Side Ryda and the 3rd man (originally know as Mental Case) in Myzery’s orginal stage package. In fact, when the stakes are at the highest, Myz has always been backed by either Ponch or Napalm. Is Palm always around? Hell nah, Palm does Palm, but Palm is always there when called upon. He’s like the enigma of the Camp, never around, but always there at the same time. Whenever a Napalm “look what the cat dragged in” homecoming occurs, nobody dares to ask. Why…cause bullet holes are self explanatory, ignorance is bliss, and nobody likes to take the witness stand. It’s been roughly a decade now since listeners got to discover Napalm’s solo efforts with his debut EP “Thirsty”, which featured heavy contributions by Myzery. Since the release of his EP and only through spot appearances and collaborations here and there, Napalm never really laid down the mic entirely…but, his true potential has been shelved for far too long. With more and more opportunities being presented (or seized) by PME’s rising talent roster, can we expect the release of the long overdue NAPALM LP, or perhaps a revival of the Spanish Side Rydas? That depends. Remember, Palm does Palm, but…word on the streets is that he’s feeling Thirsty once more.

Artist Fuego Flamez


Flamez is Myzery’s younger brother…from a different mother. When Flamez lost both his parents at a young age, Myzery made it his business to assume the role of big brother/musical role model for Flamez. It’s a good thing he stepped in, because at that point all he was seeing was red, and all he felt…was an itchy trigger finger. His attention was refocused and his purpose was reprogrammed. He was brought up on a steady diet of- Spanish Syde, Hip Hop, R & B, ICP, Old School, and whatever else Myz force-fed him through his speaker stack. Nowadays, when you hear from Flamez, it’s meticulously conveyed through his own form of audio visualization. At a time when the streets almost took his life, or where the prisons almost took his freedom, he was taught to vent through his music instead. Ironically, and through the expression of music, he tapped into a hidden talent that leaves his most lasting impression…comedy. While armed with verses to make a grown man cry, he can just as easily bring a man to tears…of laughter. He’s arguably the funniest dude on PME and it’s really beginning to surface. Aside from appearing throughout the upcoming PME mixtape “The Forgotten Breed”, he was also credited as a partial producer/engineer of this soon to be banger. While the label’s very name- Poor Man’s Entertainment has provoked a sense of confusion about the roster’s mission/status, it’s Flamez that actually embodies the title most, as he can be best defined as having- “a heart full of gimmie, and a mouth full of – much obliged” .

Artist Gordo


Half Puerto Rican/Half Dominican, born in the Bronx, and raised in Brooklyn. Myzery younger cousin has had that musical compass guiding him since day one. Maybe it’s in his genetic makeup, maybe it’s a desire to honor the family’s musical gift, but whatever its origins are, it’s evident in each verse he writes. While you’ll definitely hear more of him all over PME’s upcoming mixtape “The Forgotten Breed”, you first heard him flow on Myzery’s “Heaven & Hell” mixtape. He served as both a featured guest, as well as the DJ/skits for the entire mixtape. Gordo has a uniqueness that you don’t see much of in rap…he embraces his issues and makes light of them. Would he be ashamed to admit he was late to a date, cause some KFC was calling his name. Nope! In fact, he’s the type of DGAF fool to bring the bucket on stage with him, and just as quick to beast on a chicken leg, as he is with a mic. Can he make a smart car a low rider without trying…Check. Do little kids think he’s the Great Pumpkin if he wears an orange shirt in October…check. Does he completely flip the script to let us all laugh about it later…CHECK PLUS! So if you’re a good judge of raw talent, get behind Gordo… but far away from his plate.

Artist Mundo


A Brooklyn born Panamanian who hooked up with Myzery and PME through his ties with Gordo. Musically, he’s very versatile in the booth, but prides himself for his strong vocal clarity, which is always apparent by his spellbinding hooks. This earned him the nickname “Captain Hook” by the crew, but don’t let the cartoon nickname fool you, he can hold his own as both a lyricist and most especially as a melodic technician on the chorus. Prior to joining the PME crew, Mundo had his own group called the Toon Squad, but made the decision to “close-up shop” when realizing his opportunity to be a member of PME’s prestigious talent roster. He can currently be discovered on the track “spotlight” on Myzery’s “Heaven & Hell” mixtape. He’s also slated to appear on Myzery’s next studio release “Demon/Angel”, as well as the upcoming PME mixtape “The Forgotten Breed”. What was once a goal with no foreseen outlet, has since turned into an unrelenting aspiration to shine with the rest of the crew. He’s got big plans, a solid team supporting him, AND NO BRAKES. Expect to hear much, much, more from Mundo in the near future.

Artist Jio


PME's youngest member of the crew, grew up in the streets if NYC, been a baller since birth, Grew up with his father in and out of jail. Met Myzery at age 13 and was instantly labled a spanish side ryda... given the name "Baby Ryda" he was sent into the booth at age 15. You can feel the electricity with every verse he spitz.

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